New Life Church, Wickford was founded by Ray and June Harvey in 1983.

Originally, the church consisted of just a handful of people who met together in Ray and June’s front room in order to worship God and learn more about His will for their lives without the restrictions found in the formal approaches adopted by traditional churches.

That group included people from several different church traditions such as the Church of England, Baptist and Salvation Army, and the core beliefs of New Life Church to this day are in accordance with those other churches. However, the style of church meeting, and the way that worship and prayer are expressed tend to be much more open and flexible.

Today, the church is committed to both corporate meetings (the whole church getting together at least once a week) and “cell” meetings (smaller groups of between 6 and 12 people meeting in each other’s houses).

Today, as then, our simple aim is to live according to the teachings of Jesus: to love God with everything we’ve got, and love one another as ourselves and to encourage all those we meet to get to know the reality of Jesus.

We want people to know His desire that we should get straight with God. We are forgiven for all of our faults, failings, and wrongdoings through Jesus’ death on the cross. When we allow God to equip us with His Holy Spirit we can be strong enough to overcome with love, peace, joy, kindness, goodness, gentleness and self-control whatever life throws at us until we go to live with Him forever.

We also believe that God gives us, through His Holy Spirit, the same gifts of healing, wisdom, knowledge, prophecy, speaking in other (unlearned) languages and interpretation as described in the Bible. We try to be open to God for Him to do these kinds of things through us so that others can be affected by His love, and His Kingdom can increase.