Our values

Our values

New Life Church Crouch Valley (NLCCV) is built on the following absolutes:

  1. Every human is fallen and needs a Saviour.
  2. Jesus Christ is that Saviour.
  3. Salvation is found in no-one else.
  4. The Bible is God’s written word and provides direction, hope and challenge in today’s world.
  5. Every human has been created by God with a destiny and purpose.

Around these absolutes NLCCV is built and community life is expressed in the following values:

  • Everything we do is with God in mind – no sacred secular divide.
  • Being a Christian is a 24/7 experience.
  • We see everyone as important, valued by God and created with a destiny to fulfil.
  • We are disciples (followers) of Jesus not just converts to Christianity.
  • We seek to pursue, value and portray Christ-like character over charisma.
  • Christian living is a journey towards a God planned destiny not a destination.
  • Every person is fearfully and wonderfully made.
  • Every member of NLCCV has a positive contribution to make in society and within the NLCCV family.
  • We encourage all relationships within NLCCV to be loving, honest, open and accountable.
  • Laughter and joy are important facets of NLCCV community life and help NLCCV members in working through difficult and challenging situations.
  • Unity does not mean that we agree about everything but that we will seek to not gossip, snipe or put down another member of NLCCV.
  • We encourage every member of NLCCV to willingly submit to each other and to the vision and values of NLCCV.
  • We encourage every member to be willing to get their ‘hands dirty’ in serving other people.
  • All people groups are welcome to join the NLCCV family.
  • Gifting is decided by anointing and is not gender specific. Gifting is also recognised by others within the NLCCV family.

Our goal is to see every member of NLCCV family:

  • Released
  • Fulfilled
  • Christ centred
  • Presence focused
  • Equipped