Fake Fear by Matt Noble

Fake Fear by Matt Noble

Fake Fear: A Biblical guide to dealing with stress, worry and anxiety. (New Perspectives Series)

We are supposed to fear God. But we are supposed to fear only God.

We are designed to have a healthy fear of God. This book looks at what that means, how to work on a right fear of God, and why it is useful.

Nothing else is worthy of fear. Everything else – worry, stress, anxiety – are fake fears created by the enemy to steal what is due to God. This book explores what the Bible says about dealing with these fake fears, overcoming them and what it means to live in perfect peace.

Includes study guide for individual or group study!

The New Perspectives Series explores key Biblical themes from a different perspective. Looking at things from a different angle, they open up Scripture and bring it alive, for both the new Christian and those looking to grow in their faith. These books are ideal to look at in a house group, Bible study or book club as they generate lots of discussion and inspiration to explore the Bible more. Equally, they are easily read alone, encouraging the reader to dig deeper into the Word.

Matt is a husband of one and father of three living in South East England. He is part of a growing Church alive with the Spirit of God and is a regular teacher on Sunday mornings and at smaller gatherings through the week. His passion is to see the people of God excited about the Word and exploring the truths within for themselves.

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