Marriage MOT

Marriage MOT

Would you like your marriage to be the BEST that it can be?

This is an invitation to have a look “under the bonnet” to ensure everything is ticking over nicely.

a chance to…
check up on what works
agree on what needs attention
and plan for a great future together

The Marriage MOT is a structured, strength focused, review of your life together and what you want your future to be like.
It takes 90 minutes, and is for any couple in a committed relationship wanting to work together to invest in their partnership.
It is as useful for those in a fairly new relationship, as for those who have been together “forever”.

If you think you and your partner would benefit from a ‘tune-up’ (as opposed to a ‘full overhaul’ in couple counselling) phone 07907 653265

Couples have said:

“It helped us to see and understand each other”
“I valued being able to be honest and open”
“It provided a catalyst for change”