The Secrets of the Tribes (Tribe Wars)

The Secrets of the Tribes (Tribe Wars)

Awoken from a deep sleep.
No memory of who he is.
Beckoned by a stranger to quickly escape.
…What would you do?

When catapulted into a world where two tribes fight an ancient war in modern times, the supernatural is natural, and survival is a guessing game with no clues as to the questions, Chuku can only rely on himself for safety.
With danger at every turn, he must use all of his senses to avoid certain danger, and regain his memory to reveal a hidden secret that would change everything.

David Parker’s The Secrets of the Tribes is built upon the historical backdrop of an ancient war between Roman and Greek armies, bringing one the greatest battles in history to life. In-so-doing, we are launched into a world of mystery and fantasy, where nothing is as it seems, where the impossible becomes reality, and treachery waits around every corner.

This thrilling sci-fi novel has you eager to turn the pages from the get go. Surprises come thick and fast in this first instalment of the series, which will threaten to keep you awake at night in eager anticipation of what comes next.

If you are a fan of science fiction, this book is a must read. But be warned that once you begin this journey, there will be no going back.

The Secret’s of the Tribes will have you craving for more. So don’t delay in purchasing this book, and watch out for the next instalment of the series.

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