We are now meeting in person and live streaming every Sunday at 10am

We are now meeting at Miracle House every Sunday at 10am with appropriate social distancing in place. We will also continue to live stream our service if you are more comfortable watching from home.

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Miracle HouseSilva Island WayWickfordSS12 9NR

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Catch the Light (Poetry & Praise Book 2)

By Joan Tully ‘Catch the Light’ is a testimony to God’s amazing grace, from ‘I feel like I’m drowning’ to ‘I’m walking on water’, from ‘Oh Lord I’m sorry’ to ‘all your sins are washed away’, and from ‘when I seek Your face Lord’ to ‘Your Presence overwhelms me, You take my breath away’.It’s also a call to ‘fan into flame the gift within you’, not just within the confines of the Church, but out in the community where you…

Echoes of Easter (Poetry & Praise Book 1)

By Joan Tully From ‘Gethsemane’ to ‘He’s Alive’, from ‘Good Friday’ to ‘The Sunken Shroud’, and from Peter’s desolation in ‘The Look Part I’ to his redemption in ‘The Look Part II’, the poems in Echoes of Easter explore the depths of Easter emotion and devotion, introspection and resurrection.

Jacob’s Hidden Prayer by David Parker

Everyone knows a person like Jacob, one so disingenuous, whose desires are placed above all others, no matter what. This is the reputation of a man notorious as the unique deceiver of the Old Testament.But is this fair? Is his reputation a true reflection of the man? What if it’s not? What if you became a ‘Jacob’?This book was inspired by a dream, revealing that a mystery is contained within the book of Genesis. What followed was a journey of…

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